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Roof Repair & Inspection Steps

Once an appointment is scheduled, we’ll come by and do a thorough inspection, discussing all options with you regarding the restoration process. Afterward, we sit with you to start the material selection process leading up to the installation of your roof components and accessories! Next, we will settle the scope of work and costs, before scheduling a convenient date for you to start the project!

Do I Need Roof Repairs?

Don’t get misled by contractors attempting to sell you a new roof when you might just need a few repairs. You can have faith that HRG will be transparent about your roofing needs. Roofing materials are durable. If your roof is old it may still shelter you with years of protection requiring only a few repairs such as shingle replacements, new flashing, or other minor repairs. We’ll do what’s right for you!.

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We are the professionals you can trust to work transparently and quickly. You can’t afford to pass up free inspections when it comes to your roof’s health. Call us now, get your roof back in shape!